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Products and Services

We have reliable workstations and servers using the latest technology. full-service maintenance contracts are also available.

New Servers, Workstations and Printers
  • ASUStek motherboards
  • Viewsonic Monitors
  • Custom built to include only options you need
  • Data transfer
  • Network setup
  • Hewlett Packard and Brother Printers


Support Contracts

Today's PCs have become so affordable and reliable that it is hard to justify a maintenance contract. However, what we propose is a total support contract that covers much more than just the raw hardware. Our experience shows us that our customers need more than just simple repair or replacement of hardware components.

Our contracts cover all parts and labor or labor-only to repair any hardware malfunction that may occur. In addition to this basic coverage we add the following:

Priority Response - Contract customers are our first priority. In the event of a system down situation, you will receive assistance within the two hours of letting us know.

Determination & Localization of the problem - Application and network software can often produce symptoms that are very hard to pinpoint. We will troubleshoot all problems down to a solution. You don't have to worry about whether it's a hardware or software problem or whether it's simply an operator mistake. It's covered.

Operator assistance - If an operator is having difficulties in figuring out how to perform a function (i.e. WordPerfect merge, print envelopes, setting up a new year in your accounting software, share a network printer with a new user, etc...) we will assist you.

Movement of data - If a hard drive malfunctions, a simple maintenance contract would replace or repair the hard drive with your losing data in the process. We will attempt to recover data from damaged drives and will copy all salvageable data to the new drive. If no recovery is possible, we will reload software from backup tapes and/or reinstall software from the original disks. Please note that we cannot reinstall software from the original disks unless you have a legitimate licensed copy of said software. Therefore, good backups are in your best interest.

Consultation on future upgrades - We will also provide upgrade information and help make recommendations on decisions that affect your computer system.

Loaner equipment - If repairs to equipment exceed 48 hours, we will make available to you loaner equipment to get you back up and running in the interim.

Disaster Recovery - As long as you maintain offsite tape backups, Computer Maintenance can provide a complete computer system to get you back up and running quickly in the event of a fire or flood.

Minor Software Upgrade Assistance - If you receive a minor software release or patch and require assistance in putting it on the system, call us and we will help you with it.

System Optimization - With our contract customers we also provide the service of reviewing your software and hardware configuration and making subtle changes to system configuration files to make your system run at its optimum performance.

Extension of Manufacturer's Warranty - New PC equipment usually comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Unfortunately, to take advantage of that warranty means to send the equipment back to the manufacturer and wait until the unit is repaired and sent back. We supplement that warranty by removing the item, handling all shipping to the manufacturer and will provide you with loaner equipment until it is returned and reinstalled.