BusinessWorks Customer
Wojchik Electric, Inc.

Corporate Profile
Paterson, NJ

Type of Business
Commercial and industrial electrical contracting

Number of Employees

Annual Revenue
$1.5 million

System Profile
Computer System
Pentium 133

Operating System
Windows 3.1


BusinessWorks Modules in Use
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Control & Purchasing
Job Cost

Payroll, general accounting, purchasing, receivables, payables, job costing

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2055 Carolyn Sue, Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Phone 1 (999) 999-9999, Fax 1 (999) 999-9999

BusinessWorks Keeps Job Costing Current at Wojchik Electric

“There’s logic behind the way you do certain things in BusinessWorks, and I like the way it looks and operates. I’ve used it so long, it’s just second nature to me.”

John Wojchik, President, Wojchik Electric

The Challenge
In 1952 Lester Wojchik established an electrical contracting business in Paterson, New Jersey. For 25 years, family-owned Wojchik Electric specialized in small residential renovations. In 1977, Lester’s son John entered the business and expanded its operation to include commercial installations. The business flourished until the economy took a nose dive in 1988. The company decided that, in order to remain lucrative, it would have to expand its customer base to include public entities such as schools, hospitals and municipalities. That’s how the company operates today. With sales figures running between $1.5 million and $2.0 million annually, Wojchik Electric’s territory extends throughout Northern New Jersey.

With company growth comes mounds of paperwork. John Wojchik had been using BusinessWorks for years to manage his accounts receivable but did all of the company’s job costing manually, spending hours entering labor, material and other costs into a spreadsheet to monitor the accumulated cost of a particular job.

“Bonding companies require detailed status reports of job cost to date and estimated cost for job completion.” said John Wojchik, president. “Every quarter we need accountability of what’s going on. That’s why some people don’t want to be in the particular field we’re in.”

The Solution
Wojchik set out looking for computer programs specific to the construction industry that would help to automate the business, allowing him to make more productive use of his time. With 16 electrical workers, including journeymen and apprentices, Wojchik needed a program capable of processing payroll for union and nonunion employees. He was stunned to learn that the construction industry software he examined couldn’t compare to BusinessWorks.

“I must have looked at two dozen programs selling for $10–$15,000 that didn’t have the look, appeal or ability of BusinessWorks,” said Wojchik. “It’s amazing what people try to sell you specific to a particular industry. Using the demos, I experienced so many data errors it was unbelievable.”

When Wojchik evaluated BusinessWorks for Windows®, he was sold. He found it to be a powerful program yet easy to install and intuitive to learn. At a fraction of the cost of comparable accounting software, BusinessWorks took the drudgery out of job costing. BusinessWorks enables Wojchik to calculate financial reports for jobs in progress, generate status reports, and show cumulative costs to date and percentage of total allocation spent.

“A typical $400,000 municipal project, such as a college dorm, might include all electrical wiring, security system, fire alarms and six individuals on the project,” said Wojchik. “BusinessWorks instantly ties it all together by calculating all of the costs for us.”

Wojchik recommends BusinessWorks for Windows® to anyone in the construction industry. His efforts to find industry-specific accounting software led him back to BusinessWorks.

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