BusinessWorks Customer
Threshold, Inc.

Corporate Profile
Goldenrod, FL

Type of Business
Facility for autistic and developmentally disabled adults

Number of Employees

Annual Revenue
$1.3 million

System Profile
Computer System
Packard Bell 486

Operating System
Windows 3.1

BusinessWorks Modules in Use
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Job Cost

Payroll, general accounting, purchasing, receivables, payables

Home page

2055 Carolyn Sue, Baton Rouge, LA 70815
225-923-1985 • fax: 923-3515

Care Provider Threshold Finds a Helping Hand in BusinessWorks

“I feel like a kid in a toy store every time I find something else new in BusinessWorks. It just keeps getting better and better.”

Bob Martuscello, Financial Manager, Threshold, Inc.

The Challenge
Just as organizations grow, so do their needs for financial management and documentation. One organization that began modestly in 1976 as a private, nonprofit day treatment program for people with autism and severe physical disabilities has grown over the past two decades into a comprehensive care center with residential, recreational and vocational training facilities.

Threshold, Inc. of Goldenrod, Florida, funded largely through state and federal government support, was still using manual bookkeeping methods that accountant Bob Martuscello found sorely inadequate when he arrived in 1992. The old-fashioned books made audit trails difficult to produce on demand for government agencies. Complicating matters was Threshold’s payroll system, under which as many as 90 employees were paid at different rates in numerous job classifications. Martuscello, an accountant, decided Threshold needed to computerize its financials.

The Solution
Martuscello initially selected Peachtree Accounting software. “But I quickly found that the payroll component in the Peachtree software didn’t meet our needs,” says Martuscello. He struggled along with a system called CheckMark Payroll, but payroll preparation consumed four days of his time—and he generated payroll twice a month.

It was when Martuscello decided to seek additional Peachtree support that he heard about BusinessWorks. He contacted several BusinessWorks users, who urged him to give it a try. Martuscello contacted a BusinessWorks reseller, Integrated Business Group, and described the complexity of Threshold’s payroll composition.

“We were completely taken with BusinessWorks,” says Martuscello. The reseller encouraged him to test it, side by side, with his existing payroll system. “We’ve been using BusinessWorks for two years now, and it’s cut our payroll processing time from four days down to a day and a half.”

Ease of learning the program was an added bonus. “We taught ourselves to operate BusinessWorks software. We did it by looking at the documentation materials, which are very well written,” says Martuscello. “If you can read, you can learn how to use BusinessWorks. It’s a package that’s been very obviously well thought-out.”

As financial manager, Martuscello said he had to be picky in choosing the right program. He couldn’t afford inefficiency, and his accountability to state and federal government officials demanded precision.

“BusinessWorks has performed without problems and with remarkable stability,” said Martuscello. He’s particularly excited about BusinessWorks for Windows® 11.0, which performs like a Windows 95 product without the need to actually run Windows 95. BusinessWorks 11.0 offers hotkeys, online “tooltips,” instant inquiry with drill-down, enhanced exporting capabilities, right mouse button support and exceptional flexibility in configuring and saving report setups.

“I feel like a kid in a toy store every time I find something else new in BusinessWorks,” said Martuscello. “It just keeps getting better and better.”

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