Problem:    Windows XP - All Printers missing - Print Spooler is not started - If you try to start the print spooler, you get an error 1053 - cannot start - did not respond in a timely fashion.

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1.Start,Run, msconfig... select the services tab... check the box that says "Hide Microsoft Services".. you will see Print Spooler with the manufacturer listed as unknown... clear the check box for Print Spooler and reboot

2. While viewing all files and folders including hidden ones, open c:\windows\system32 and sort the files by date.. rename (then later delete) the two or three files that have today's date on them. (or the date that the problem occurred)

3. Rename c:\windows\system32\spoolsv.exe to spoolsv.bad. In msconfig, choose expand file, File to restore: spoolsv.exe, Restore from: d:\i386 (or wherever your Windows XP install disk is located - some Dell systems put the i386 folder on C), and Save file in: c:\windows\system32

4. Reboot or just restart the print spooler.

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