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The Role of Order Entry

The Order Entry module produces quotes, sales orders and invoices. As sales are recorded in Order Entry, inventory is automatically reduced and the customer balance in Accounts Receivable is automatically updated. This module integrates seamlessly with Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Inventory Control modules.

Order Entry Specifications
Maximum number of quotes Unlimited
Maximum number of orders Unlimited
Maximum number of invoices Unlimited
Maximum number of quotes per customer 200
Maximum number of orders per customer 400
Maximum number of invoices per customer 3000
Number of digits in quote number or invoice number 6
Maximum number of line items per quote, order, or invoice 99
Maximum number of sales accounts per quote, order, or invoice 16
Maximum number of sales taxes per quote, order, or invoice 3
Number of characters in invoice description 20
Number of characters in invoice item description 28 or 40
Maximum number of kits Unlimited
Number of characters in kit ID 10
Maximum number of line items in a kit 99
Maximum number of ship-to addresses per customer 500
Maximum amount per quote, order, or invoice $9,999,999.99
Maximum number of months to keep detail 60
Maximum number of sales orders on hold 1,000
Maximum number of months to post into the past 12
Maximum number of months to post into the future 1

Order Entry features
General Features
  • Automatically updates the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Purchasing modules
  • Optionally updates the Job Cost module on a transaction by transaction basis
  • Adds new customers and parts “on the fly” during quote, sales order and invoice entry
  • Provides gross profit report that can be based on paid invoices to be used as a commission report
  • Quickly locates customers, parts, product lines and kits with a search feature
  • Allows reports to be sorted by customer, part, product line or sales order number
  • Order entry information including line item detail, can be exported using over 30 different formats including Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, Comma-Separated Variable, ASCII, Access, Excel, Word, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and many others
Maintenance Features
  • Allows the look up of a customer’s part purchase history while entering quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • Alerts you when a customer has exceeded his credit limit and allows sales orders to be placed on hold
  • Provides optional multi-line invoice line item descriptions
  • Tracks sales by customer, part, product line and sales representative
  • Can maintain a template of parts, labor and comments that normally appear together on a quote, sales order or invoice via the maintain kit option
  • Allows copying an existing kit when creating a new one
  • Provides instant inquiry for customers and parts
  • Provides online inquiry of quotes, sales orders and invoices
Processing Features
  • Generates quotes for customers and tracks the probability of success for the quote
  • Quotes, sales orders and invoices can be copied from another customer to speed data entry
  • Converts quotes to sales orders or invoices, and sales orders to invoices instantly
  • Provides on-line or batch printing of quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • Optionally prints invoices without the prices and extended prices to be used as a packing list
  • Allows multiple copy printing and reprinting of quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • Reprints sales orders and invoices with the option to omit previously filled (shipped) items
  • Allows reprinting of historic invoice and credit memos (returns)
  • Prints pick tickets and packing lists
  • Provides the option to print shipping labels for a customer when a quote, sales order or invoice has been entered
  • Prints name and address on a packing slip positioned to display in a standard window envelope
  • Handles modifications of ship-to addresses while entering quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • Recommends substitutions for out of stock items and allow you to easily select substitutes parts while processing quotes, orders and invoices
  • Allows calculated sales tax amounts to be overridden during quote, order or invoice entry
  • Allows comments, miscellaneous charges and labor charges on quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • Accepts payments and deposits at the time of sales order or invoice entry
  • Can apply payments, deposits and open credits at the time of invoicing
  • Allows prepaid sales orders
  • Can automatically select sales orders to be invoiced by release date
  • Allows partial shipment of sales orders
  • Allows the sales order of voided invoices to be re-opened
  • Processes returns to inventory and returns of damaged merchandise without returning them to inventory
  • Allows the reprinting of forms (invoices, quotes, sales orders) through inquiry options

Order Entry Reports
  • Quote Report
  • Open Quote Status Report
  • Ordered Quote Report
  • Expired Quote Report
  • Sales Order Report
  • Open Sales Order Report
  • On Hold Sales Order Report
  • Closed Sales Order Report
  • Order Selection Report
  • Not Selected Sales Order Report
  • Sales Order Pick Tickets
  • Invoice Packing List
  • Invoice Detail Report
  • Returns Report
  • On Order Report
  • Gross Profit Report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Back Order Fill Report
  • Back Order Report
  • Part Back Order Report
  • List of Kits
  • List of Ship To Address
  • Flash Report (summary of Order Entry activity)
  • Graphical Report - Open Order/Projected Sales
  • Graphical Report - Customer Highlight
  • Graphical Report - Sales Rep. Highlight
  • Graphical Report - Sales Order Highlight
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Groups